In 2016, the concept for Teach a Man to Think Consulting was born.

It’s not about doing what everyone else does and seeing the patterns and trends, it’s about seeing beyond them and using a mixture of long-term thinking, intuitive capabilities, worldview approach, and pioneering perspective to achieve something monumental and life changing.

So, we created a business to provide our quality feedback, broad perspective, and diverse expertise to people who will then improve their business and get lifelong results.

One of the many ways we stand out is that we work from the inside out, not just the surface level. We value simplicity, when possible, and understand that most times. people overcomplicate things because they don’t fully understand them.

Elevating your business doesn’t need to be complex, stressful, or expensive. Sometimes, the simple changes are the most sustainable ones. 

Unless you’re a mechanic, the person who drives the car isn’t always the best one to repair it.

It’s the same in business. You and your team might be the best fit to run the company aka “drive the car” and perform all the tasks needed to get it from point A to point B, but sometimes there are circumstances outside of your control that can make your journey longer, more difficult, or altogether, temporarily impossible.

In which case, slowly, the business starts getting a little more stressful and a little less fun—meaning less money and less fulfillment.

Bringing in the people who might’ve contributed to the problem or weren’t able to see it to come and fix it, is like asking the person who rear ended you at the gas station to fix your bumper. You might get lucky and they could do it right, but why risk it?

Or you could bring a team of polished associates at a top Consulting Firm to fix your problem. At which point, you’re basically just paying people with the same perspective as you and your team. What you need is a fresh set of eyes. People who look at things differently and will be able to see the REAL problem, not the obvious one. Most people can tell you that the biggest struggle they face is finding quality employees with good work ethic, but they won’t tell you WHY and HOW to fix it, aside from the same old temporary solution that most people use.

At Teach a Man to Think, we don’t believe in using Band-Aids. We get down to the root of the problem and figure out what you can do now to alleviate the pain points as quick as possible while also making sure whatever caused them is recovering and healing and not just being covered up to come up again at a later time. 

Are you or your company going through a change, plan to go through a change, or just want to know if you need a change?

If so, then keep reading and let’s see if we’re the right fit to simplify and solve your struggle.

Are you ready?

Let’s briefly talk about everyone’s favorite topic: change

Change is like taking care of your teeth. No one wants to do it, but you know you have to.
The longer you wait, the more you’ll be forced to do it. Yet, the more often you do it, the less drastic it will be.
It’s funny, this change thing.
In business, change is especially tricky. In order for a business to succeed, it needs to keep growing, evolving, and yes, you guessed it, changing.
So, now, instead of just one person dealing with the difficulty of change, everyone needs to change. Even the business–which is the biggest person of all.
And… it could feel like pulling teeth.

We’re here to help.

We specialize in many arenas, but if there are two areas that we know almost as well as we know ourselves, they’re: People & Change (and food, but that’s a different topic).

The great news is that people can change AND if done right, change can be extremely rewarding and lucrative. Once you breakdown the process, understand the formula, and simplify the resistance behind change, you and your business will reap benefits even beyond your expectations.

Our motto and mission at Teach a Man to Think is not just to tell you what to do, but to show you, and give you the tools you need to implement these skills in all aspects of your life and business, continuously and successfully. We don’t believe in codependency; we believe in collaboration. And together, we will create and cultivate change along with a new way of thinking.

You’re likely in one of two categories right now:

either you’re

1) feeling great and everything is fine


2) you’re struggling in some aspect.

If you’re struggling, whatever it may be, reach out, and see if we have a creative and simple solution to your dilemma. If we don’t, perhaps, we can point you in the right direction.

If you’re in the first category and feel like all is wonderful and booming, then now is the perfect time to do an assessment to make sure it stays that way.

While some businesses fail slowly, others, don’t see it coming. You can’t go wrong with a consultation. We are direct, transparent, and we don’t like time-wasters. So, we’ll never waste yours or ours.

As Change Catalysts & Leaders, we help select corporations and individuals navigate the challenging waters of change to get you to shore as dry, well-nourished and relaxed as possible.

With change, there can be no guarantees, but one thing we can guarantee is that we deeply understand change in a 360-degree way that is rare to come by.

In 2016, we quit our careers, sold all our things, and became international nomads traveling around the entire country living in our SUV and then backpacking around the world. With no plans, just following an inner calling, we created an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Every opportunity, adventure, and risk we have taken has been to build our strength, character, and resilience which allows us to be the most valuable Consultants and Trusted Advisors that we could possibly be.

Though, we are continuously growing and evolving.

We have learned and implemented the great aspects of each industry, interaction, and experience, while also realizing “what not to do”.

Our various lessons, both professional and personal, make us a unique and priceless asset. Our approach, analysis, and comprehension is well-rounded, worldly, & deep.

We are continuously seeking opportunities to utilize our extensive and unique set of skills and talents to help someone grow exponentially while providing unmatched value.

We are extremely motivated and devoted to constantly learning as much as we can quickly and efficiently while simultaneously sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Our core values center around being open-minded, self-aware, accountable, adventurous, and eager to perform to our fullest ability no matter the circumstance.


  • fluent in English, Russian & Spanish, with a slight proficiency in Italian and French. 

  • fluent in non-verbal communication and in people-reading.

  • visited almost 80 countries and 48 states.

  • lived in almost 20 countries and 9 states.

  • have worked for small businesses, startups, and multinational corporations.

  • Including: Merck Pharmaceuticals, Ernst & Young Global Limited, Manpower, AT&T, Verizon Corporate, BNSF Logistics, Charter Communications, Darden Group, Luxottica Retail, and many more.

We understand the psychological, emotional, and physical components that contribute to the success of change and specifically, which pieces will play a role to demolish it.

We advise and assist companies going through transformational, incremental, developmental, or cultural organizational changes.

Our combination of methodical, logical, and analytical thinking is complemented by our ability to visualize beyond what is visible.

Our emotional intelligence blends with our street smarts and sharp, critical thinking skills which allows for a well-rounded and holistic approach that considers every possible obstacle, roadblock, and risk that can impede your change plan from succeeding.

Over 70% of change initiatives fail causing businesses to lose over 2 trillion dollars a year due to a lack of perspective, continuous resistance from stakeholders and employees, and overall, an inability to envision and execute clearly. Sometimes, being too close to a situation interferes with the ability to get a bird’s eye view. That’s where we come in.

The strategy we use considers all stages of change from planning, implementing, and especially to sustaining. Most importantly, we consider the people. People are the backbone of any business, help build the business, and can just as quickly destroy it.

We value time and resources so are conscientious through every step. Our communication style, interpersonal skills, and exceedingly unique set of experiences and expertise make us the ideal candidate to help get your company to the finish line with flying colors.

Email us with any questions or to set up a call: or

More About Aleksandra

Past Professional Experience

• Attorney with a broad range of experience in corporate, non-profit, real estate, family, and entertainment law

• #1 Personal Training Sales Director in district for top int’l company

• Commercial & Luxury Real Estate Investor Relations Specialist

• 4x Author of non-fiction books

• Podcast Host of #2 on Top 100 Men’s Podcast List & in over 50 countries

• Leader of multiple law school organizations

• Board member of DCCB-helped put together a Gala for hundreds of people

• Top-tier international luxury house sitter

• Regional Finalist Mock Trial Competition

• Recipient of Pro-Bono Award (100+ Hours)

• Keynote Speaker & Communications Expert

Fun Facts:

• A is an artist, specializing in cartoons. She loves to put her creative spirit into her work.

• A has a degree in Marketing.

• A recently played in the Epson Golf Tour Pro-Am in Alaqua, FL.

A was a guest on iHeart Radio’s talk show and several podcasts on a range of topics.

A has been skydiving, wrote a sitcom pilot while working for a production company in LA, and founded several events in law school where she was featured in the local newspaper.

More About Boris

Past Professional Experience

• Tech Wizard (who other tech specialists go to for help)

• Warehouse Manager over 5 years at world’s busiest airport—JFK Int’l

• Top Sales Manager for AT&T at one of the busiest stores

• Built and maintained websites for personal & business use

• Executive Assistant for top CEO in the professional services industry

• Editor for 4 nonfiction books

• Top-tier international luxury house sitter

• Efficiency & Effectiveness Expert

Fun Facts:

B is a brilliant Chess player and thinks like one—always five steps ahead. He was a child prodigy.

B has volunteered for NYPD Auxiliary for 5 years and was on patrol during one of the largest events in the world: The NYC Marathon.

B is a talented, multi-faceted chef who has cooked for fascinating people all over the world.

More About Us

We were both born in Moldova (former USSR) and immigrated in the early 90s to Brooklyn, NYC. Although, we didn’t meet until nearly 25 years later, serendipitously. A was living in Jersey at the time and B was still living in Brooklyn.

Unique Personal Experience:

  • Car camped in our SUV traveling around the entire United States, visiting cities, small towns, and National Parks
  • Backpacked around the world for almost a year from Japan to Spain using planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, bikes, and hitchhiking with no plans, no phone service, and a limited budget
  • Housesat for over 30 families all over the world and received 100% raving 5-star reviews
  • Lived in Mexico for six months and traveled all over the country in our SUV
  • Lived in Costa Rica for two months traveling around the entire country
  • and much, much more