Before the Flood

We just finished watching Before The Flood on YouTube and I wanted to write this with the freshest perspective possible because it had such of an impact on me.  To be honest, it was probably the most devastating film I have ever seen. 

Why Everyone Needs to Watch at Least Once

Within minutes, I was already fighting back tears because its message grasped onto my soul and clenched tight the entire movie.  I am very grateful to Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic for making something that I only wish we had the means to do. 

There was such a range of emotions that hit me watching it, from deep sadness to anger to a sense of hopelessness to a sense of responsibility.  Even as angry as I get at the people who are dormant to the gravity of this issue, I was once just where they are. 

I was careless, naive, and blind…until I wasn’t. 

Sometimes It Just Takes One Seed

I don’t know exactly the moment it was or which seed once planted finally sprouted in order for it to all change for me, but now I can’t think to ever look back.  It didn’t happen overnight, but ever since I sparked the fuse, the flame has been roaring ever since. 

It only took one piece of information to open my eyes to then get me interested to want to learn more and then more and more. But, what about those that are still asleep? 

Is Anything Worse Than Being Asleep?

In a powerful book we read recently, Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer Safran, he wrote this one sentence which resonated with me and I will not soon forget. 

He said, “It’s always possible to wake somebody who is asleep, but it’s almost impossible to wake somebody who is pretending to be asleep”. 

Those words were and still are so powerful for me because it’s so true. 

Even those who are asleep can be awoken with some information, some time, and some guidance.  But what about those pretending to be asleep? 

Those that deep down know there’s something truly disturbing and wrong going on and yet choose to be willfully blind.  How can we wake those people up?  That seems to be the issue I struggle with the most. 

We Had to Start Somewhere

Maybe, I too was guilty of being asleep at one point, but I was begging to be woken up.  And now that I’m awake, I’m scared to even blink. 

But, there are people who wear a protective shield against any information that challenges their long-standing beliefs and habits.  Those are the ones I wish I knew how to get to. 

Although, I could go on and on about these issues, the movie, and everything in between, I feel that nothing says it better than Before The Flood.  So, if you haven’t watched it already, then I strongly urge you to get together with those you love and watch something that should be life-changing. 

Even as much as we personally have already done to reduce our carbon footprint, there is still so much work to be done. And truthfully, it’s not difficult at all.  Once you start, the only difficult thing will be going back. 

As Long As We’re Moving Forward

Each small step forward is still a step in the right direction.  But, as long as we’re standing still, we will be sinking into a memory of what once was our beautiful Earth. 

It’s time we stop the division on the trivial issues and understand the magnitude of what’s at stake. 

We need to come together as human beings inhabiting the same planet and understand how that is the only classification which really matters. 

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