It seems everyone has a blog these days.
There are blogs about everything.

Blogs about food, blogs about cats, blogs about food for cats, and even cats with blogs.  There are even blogs about blogs!

Now, that’s when you know you’ve seen everything.

So Why This Blog? And What is It?

Sure, we talk about travel, but is this just a travel blog?
Well, we sure hope not.

This page isn’t just to show the places we’ve been, share some travel tips and post some cool pictures.  Even though, that is also part of the plan, this blog is meant to be so much more than that.  

Even calling it a blog seems wrong, but until it grows into what we hope it will be, that’s the only word we can use.

The Benefits of Travel

Travel is only a small part of the blog and yet the most important.  Travel is so much more than the planes, boats, hotels, and restaurants.  Travel is more than the Instagram photos, Facebook check-ins and Wi-Fi hot spots.  

Travel is about the mindset before, during, and most importantly after the journey.

There’s an explorer in each of us that wants to travel.  Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5,000 miles, it all starts somewhere. 

It begins with an eagerness to discover a world outside of the one you already know so well.  It’s a desire to experience something you could never imagine to experience at a place you’ve already spent too long. 

The novelty alone is an adventure because you never truly know just what is about to happen.  It’s wonderful.

So, Where do We Come In?

Well, we hope to take that inner curiosity towards travel and help you bring it into everyday life.  Even if you’re doing the same routine that you’ve been doing for years, you can embrace that moment where your inner explorer speaks to you. 

Most importantly, this time you’ll listen.

Maybe you’ll take a different route to work.  Maybe you’ll go hiking instead of happy hour.  Maybe you’ll finally say a friendly hello to that stranger you cross paths with daily instead of burying your face into your phone.

Life doesn’t need to be an adventure only two weeks out of the year. 

Life is an adventure all of the time and approaching it as one is more than half the battle. 

We, too, were stuck in a pattern created by obligations and responsibilities that were bringing little happiness and a lot of stress. But, life is not meant to be structured and planned out ten years in advance.  And, when we finally accepted that, and learned to trust that inner voice that begs you to do something different, everything changed. 

You’ll be more than pleasantly shocked to discover what type of things happen when you allow yourself to open up and soak in the opportunities around you.

Life is About the Unknown

We’re not meant to follow a path that we decided on five years ago, or really even five days ago.  We are constantly growing, evolving, and changing.  

Our habits, routines, and rituals should follow the same evolution process in order to maintain balance and achieve happiness.  So many of us, have become so comfortable with comfort, that we don’t even realize how incredibly uncomfortable it feels.

We hope with our stories, thoughts, and continuously growing curiosities, we can fuel some of yours as well.  We hope to connect with those people who feel like we do, or feel that they want to. 

Sometimes it only takes one word, one comment, or one article to spark something inside you that has been waiting to burn for so long.

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