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Aleksandra & Boris

Two sharp, dynamic, and quick-witted pioneers who come together to create a duo unlike any other.

Both Boris and Aleksandra have served in leadership roles across a wide spectrum of industries and arenas, including multinational experience, have advanced rapidly, and maintained positive relationships continuously.

  • We specialize in all types of needs from something as simple as menu creation, qualifying prospects, or boosting morale to more in-depth support such as restructuring your organizational process, building and strengthening your company culture, and most importantly, helping you, your employees, and stakeholders feel comfortable and ready for any change that your company may be impacted by.
  • We are also available to be reliable and competent advisors for your most complicated and stressful problem. Especially, if it’s a people problem. Which, at the root, most problems are.
  • We have been through it all, to some degree, and our adaptability, broad perspective, and wide range of experiences make our strategy and process creation almost second-nature.
We love problem-solving, eliminating inefficiency, and thinking of new ideas to make life easier and more sensical. Now, we want to help you make your life easier and more fulfilling. Because life is business & business is life. Let’s make both better, together.
Learn More We have an immense passion for helping others by providing advice that is cutting-edge while maintaining traditional elements that work. Our combined expertise, experience, bond, and perspective makes sure that each piece of our consulting, from beginning to end, is professional, productive and pragmatic. We both have incredibly high standards and use that methodology in every part of our business. We are ethical, transparent, reliable, and perpetual problem-solvers. We are often praised on our emotional intelligence, street smarts, and interpersonal skills. We are forward thinkers who operate our life “outside of the box”. We are quick learners and soak up new information with finesse. We are a wealth of knowledge and are able to articulate ourselves effectively in limited time. We are big believers of doing things right the first time in as little time as possible. We are accountable, self-aware, and adaptable. We excel in conflict resolution and complex concerns. We are here to be your sounding board and teammates in whatever you need. Our experiences, interactions, and life lessons became so transformative and magnificent, that we learned incredible things about the world, other people, and ourselves. Now, it is our calling to share our expertise and understanding with those who are ready for it.