Our families always joke that every time we take a road trip, we end up coming home with some new, wild and crazy idea. 

Well, after two road trips and two very crazy ideas, it’s safe to say there might be a lot of truth to that.

The Honeymoon That Changed Everything

In May, Boris and I had just come home from a five-week belated honeymoon. At the time, we were living in a small town less than half an hour outside of Savannah, Georgia.

Our honeymoon was belated basically for the move. We knew we were moving just months after our wedding, so the idea of traveling somewhere for a long time didn’t make sense to us.

Instead, we took a long weekend to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.  It was amazing. But, we were waiting for the big one until we felt it was the right time.

April felt like the perfect time.

Work had gotten the best of us and we were only months away from the end of our lease.  So, we knew decisions had to be made.

We didn’t know what we wanted to do at the time, but we knew the trip would make the difference. We needed to clear our heads and figure out what our next step would be.

The Road Trip to Begin All Road Trips

The honeymoon turned out to be all that and more.  We took a road trip from Georgia to the Utah parks and back again.

One direction we hit the northern states and then the southern states on the way back. It was a beyond incredible experience.  We’ve taken road trips throughout our entire relationship, but only a week, tops.

Here, we were on the road for five weeks.  After 15 states and 9,000 miles, dozens of bug guts, and hundreds of clumsy crumbs (mine) later, it really opened our eyes and our minds to what we wanted to do next.

It wasn’t immediate, but after numerous nights on the porch and many walks around the neighborhood, we were able to meet on the same page. 

We decided that hitting the road was not just the best, but the only next step for us.



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