If you had asked us six months ago where we saw ourselves in the next few years, our answer would have been completely opposite from today. 

We would’ve told you about a big house somewhere- preferably four to five bedrooms, three plus bathrooms, huge kitchen, the works. 

A small dose of societal pressure mixed with a heavy dose of familial pressure made us certain that our two-year plan included a house followed by a baby, pronto.

Then, All of a Sudden… It All Changed

The idea of a comfortable and consistent place to live rapidly transformed from a dream into a nightmare.

We had just had the most amazing five week road trip.  We drove from the countryside of Georgia up through the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  

We passed through the rolling hills of Kentucky and made it to the BBQ capital of Missouri.  We spent a week unwinding in sunny Colorado and then ventured off to the long-awaited Utah National Parks. 

Soon, we were down to the Grand Canyon and then enjoying a sunset over the red rocks in Santa Fe.  Our final weeks were spent exploring the abundant lands of the Lone Star State and then back to Tennessee for some live performances in Music City.

Each Day Felt So Different Than the Previous One

Each hour was unique in some way.  It was such a refreshing change from the routine our schedules have conformed to back home that we completely lost track of time. 

The minutes felt like days and the days felt like months as we immersed ourselves in the journey.

There were too many surreal moments to count.  There were nights on long, winding roads with nothing but stars and the moon to lighten the path.  

There were empty highways lined with gigantic rock formations sure to make you think that you took a wrong turn into another planet.  

It was the adventure of a lifetime and we didn’t want it to end.   The unknown felt familiar and the road became a comfort we didn’t want to leave. 

There was no sign of homesickness in sight.  And, it didn’t take long for us to realize that home was wherever we were.

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