After only a few days of living with llamas, we already felt motivated to spread the word for this underrated and misunderstood animal. 

Sure, most people know they’re cute and quirky.  But did you know they make the best pet?

Move Over Duke, There’s a New Best Friend in Town

While in Portland, we were able to find a great and affordable deal at an Airbnb for a couple of days.  We always love and look forward to returning home (our car), but on some rare occasions we will find a good opportunity for a little local living. 

This time, it was a great opportunity.  One, if not the main, selling points was most definitely two hilariously strange characters by the name of Bill & Ted (appropriately named for their contrasting brunette and blonde hairdos).

They have been such a delight to be with and they can brighten your mood as soon as they come into view.  The second we would wake up, we would rush to their side and spend hours just being amazed by their personalities and facial expressions.

Truthfully, we have long dreamed and talked about eventually adding llama to our long list of future animal friends, but those few, short days have certainly cemented those feelings.  So without further ado, here’s our list:

1. Smart:

Llamas are incredibly intelligent, caring and loyal animals.  They can sense when another animal in their herd is ill or even a human.  They are always there to console and comfort those in need.  It’s part of one of their greatest strengths which is nonverbal communication.

2. Easy maintenance:

Llamas are very easy to care for.  They eat less than you would imagine for an animal their size.  So a little hay goes a long way with them. 

Also, thanks to their luxurious and stylish fur, they are able to stay comfortable in extreme cold as well as protect their skin against extreme heat. 

They only require a small covered area like a wind block or run-in shed that would protect them from serious storms or strong winds.  This is because drafting is an issue for them due to their dense wool. 

Add a few vaccinations, light grooming, some clean water and you pretty much have all you need to accommodate your new flirty lashed friend.

3. Hiking buddy:

Do you love to hike as much as we do?  Well, now you have a great partner to fulfill all your hiking needs.  Not only will you feel safe strolling through unknown territories and potentially encountering predators, but you have someone to carry some (or all) of your load. 

Llamas are built to carry loads and can be trained to drive and make excellent cart animals.

4. Protectors:

Llamas are some of the best security you could have for any other animals you might have against predators.  Anyone with livestock or outdoor pets knows the threat a coyote or even a human could pose. 

Llamas stand up against the greatest predator and will fiercely defend those they will take on as their family.

5. Affordable:

With some dog and cat breeds now reaching prices of over a $1000, how much could you possibly expect to pay for something as amazing as a llama?  Well, the prices are a lot more reasonable than you might think. 

Average rates tend to be about $500, but depending on certain specifications, that could increase.  However, due to a growing number of llama farms, there are now many llamas left without homes. 

So, the same way you can adopt and rescue a dog or cat, you can do the same with a llama!  Not only will you get the best gift of all, but you will be giving the best gift of all by giving a home to someone very deserving.

6. That face!:

I mean, do I even have to say it?  They are so damn cute!  It’s hard to imagine ever getting tired of seeing that face.  

They’re not only fun to look at, but they will look into your eyes and connect with you in a way not most animals can.  There’s a special bond you have with a creature of this caliber that you can’t just explain it by their cuteness alone.

7. Wool:

Llamas wool is one of the more sought after type of fabrics.  Due to it’s multi-purpose material, it could be made into a blanket, rug, or even used in insulation plus much, much more. 

And the best part is that you don’t need to hurt these lovely animals to receive a benefit from them.  It’s a great reciprocal relationship.

8. Location:

Thanks to a large importation from South America in the 20th century, there are now more than 150,000 llamas in the United States and Canada, and that number is growing. 

There are plenty of farms right in the states!  You don’t need to travel to Peru and smuggle one home to be lucky enough to have one as your very own.

9. Quiet:

Llamas rarely make any noise.  You could barely hear them most of the time unless you count their chomping as noise.  Even when they do decide to speak, and usually with reason, it is absolutely adorable! They will scream and yelp to scare off predators, as well as alert of any impending danger.

10. Therapy

Did you know llamas are considered a potential service animal? 

These fine creatures are being recognized for their incredible talent of calming and soothing those around them.  They are extremely therapeutic even for those without a severe issue. 

But, for those facing some tougher circumstances, they could likely benefit from interacting with and the companionship of a lovable and goofy llama pal.

I’m sure the more time you spend with them, the longer the list gets, but this is a good start.  Depending on local regulations or land restrictions, they might not be the best choice for you. 

But, if everything else allows, then they’re certainly worth looking into.



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