For less than the price of a dinner and a movie for two you could have a year-long opportunity of endless adventure at your fingertips.

Access to the Best Artist of All Time

For less than a picture of Benjamin Franklin you could have near full-access 365 days a year, 24-hours a day (most national parks), to all of the magical and magnificent landscapes drawn by the most talented artist of all.

If you’ve never experienced one of the National Parks then it’s definitely something that needs to be put on your to-do list ASAP.  And if you have experienced even one of them then you completely understand why.

For only $80 per vehicle, you could purchase a National Park Pass for year-long access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites, including the divine National Parks.

There are 58 National Parks located all over the country.  Boris and I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed 18 of them so far.

Honestly, it’s never enough.

The goal isn’t only to see all 58, but to see them all multiple times. 

Each time of day, each different season, each mood of Mother Nature creates a unique scenery full of individual sensations that could never be duplicated.

Our visit to Arches was incredibly exciting.  It was our second National Park but driving up to the entrance, it felt like our first.  

The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, and there were random visions of white puffy animal figures floating along the panoramic mountain views.

It Was Like Entering Another World

Before we even approached the toll booth, the scenery changed so drastically that we felt we had been transported into another lifetime millions of years ago. 

Gigantic crimson rock formations lined the winding roads creating shapes that would be hard to imagine had you not seen them with your own eyes.

We felt so lucky that the day was what we thought was ideal for exploring. 

Little did we know that in the future when people would ask us about our fondest memories of Arches, our thoughts would immediately go to us holding a closed umbrella getting soaked in the loose pink sand.

Our second day at Arches wasn’t as “ideal”, but it was beyond perfection. 

It was cloudy, windy and wet.  A triple threat when it comes to hiking and exploring through high elevation and steep hills. 

We decided to go against a natural instinct to stay local in the rain and went to discover instead.  We drove up to the entrance and we couldn’t believe it. 

The entire scenery changed.

The formations looked so different without the sun’s beams.  Now, instead, they were glistening from the showers and disappearing and reappearing through the fog. 

The journey felt more daring and we felt guided by the moment.  Through the twists and turns, we ended up at a little stop point.

We headed out to explore and arrived at a narrow entry made from the stone.

What We Saw Next Was Incredible

We shut our umbrellas and squeezed through to the other side.  We sank deep into the moist coral sand below our feet as we made our strides to the breathtaking sight before us.

For a few minutes, it felt like we had just landed on a new planet and discovered it for the first time.  That feeling and that moment will not soon be forgotten for either of us.  

It never would have happened if we didn’t go out exploring that second day in the rain.

After that experience, we were positive that Arches was our favorite and most beloved park.  It wasn’t until Canyonlands that we knew it wasn’t. 

And then Bryce, because that was the best. Until, Grand Canyon, which then was the best once more.  It wasn’t until the tenth or so that we realized a very consistent pattern.

The Best Addiction You Won’t Want To Break

Every new park, every new time felt not only completely different, but felt like the best.  Each park is so incredible and so drastically different that each experience will never be anything less than your favorite.  

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and go explore a national park. 

It’s a fairly cheap addiction that we promise you won’t want to break anytime soon.

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