Nice vs. Kind

Nice is a horrible quality to have and we need to stop equating it to something good.

I’ve always said that when someone asks you why you’re with someone and the first adjective you use is because they’re so “nice”, then it’s about that time to break up with them.  Why?

Because nice just isn’t so nice.

What Does It Really Mean to be Nice?

I looked up the definition and two of the synonyms were: “agreeable” and “to one’s liking”.   Those are terrible traits to have.

Even now, as I see myself trying to become more authentic and more myself each day, I question: Why am I doing this? Why am I saying this? Am I trying to be nice? And then, why am I trying?

Most of the time, nice is not a description of who we are, it’s an explanation of what we’re trying to portray. When we say the nice thing or do the nice gesture, it’s rarely authentic.

The Difference Between Nice and Kind

Kindness is the real quality to emulate because kindness comes from your nature and your heart. Kindness can’t be taught, but it can be learned how to bring out from within.

Kindness is in us and it’s something that we actually are. Nice is to please others, but kindness is pleasing to our souls.

We need to learn the difference and understand the root behind the action that calls those two adjectives into question.

Stop being nice, it’s better to be kind.

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