Rejection has the potential to be amazing. 

It redirects you from something you think is good to something that is usually much better.  We often think too highly of ourselves and believe that our present selves know much more than we actually do. 

Trust That Something Better is Coming

It isn’t usually until after the fact that we can look back and see just how off course we were.  It’s at that moment that we express how grateful we are that something we once wanted didn’t work out. 

If only we can carry that wisdom with us in the present and not have to torture ourselves repeatedly until we can see clearly. 

We have to be honest with ourselves that sometimes we just don’t know what’s best for us or what direction we should go.  That’s normal and it’s what makes us human. 

If we knew everything at every stage of our lives, what would be the point to go on?  If we could just stop learning, growing and experiencing because we were already perfect, life would get pretty boring pretty quick. 

We’re not perfect, we’re far from it and that’s the beauty of it. 

Rejection Redirects Us Away From What We Think We Need

We have to trust the universe and allow the rejections to empower us and redirect us accordingly.  Often times, rejection is nothing short of a blazing sign that you could gain something from. 

Instead, we allow our expectations and false sense of assurance to hold us back from soaking in the precious lessons as they become available to us. 

Rejection comes in many forms and faces.  You could get turned down for that job that you thought you were so right for.   You could’ve been let down by that intriguing girl in your calculus class who you thought would’ve made the perfect wife.  

It could be as complex as a drastic life change or as subtle as being told that the bakery is out of your favorite donut. 

Rejection Hurts Pretty Bad

Regardless, rejection still stings and we know it. Sometimes when we experience a chain of rejection, it’s easy to feel like the whole world is conspiring against us. It’s easy to feel defeated and overwhelmed with the surge of bad luck that we’re convinced has fallen upon us. 

But, that mentality will only hinder the potential for a positive change. 

Change is inevitable.  As Heraclitus explained, the only thing that is constant is change. 

Our attitude will not change anything, the only thing that must change is our attitude.  We need to embrace the uncertainties, the unpredictability, and the surprises that life offers because only then can we reap the benefits from them. 

Change is Good. Repeat. Change is Good.

It’s true, change is uncomfortable.  When change falls in line with what we believe is right for us, we seek comfort in that.  However, when change comes with rejection, we internally fight it every step of the way.   

That’s why the key is acceptance and understanding.  Accepting the fact that the only real thing we know is that we really don’t know anything at all. 

Uncertainty shouldn’t breed discomfort, instead we should seek solace in it. 

Knowing that nothing is guaranteed is something we should value and treasure.  Understanding that we have no real control is a way to relax your mind and let your life flow more naturally, instead of constantly forcing occurrences that just aren’t meant to be. 

Once we accept the things we can’t control, our eyes and minds open wider and the haze is lifted. 

Be Grateful for the Blazing Sign

Next time you get rejected from an opportunity that you thought was your path, take a second to give gratitude, find the strength for patience, and gather the inspiration to understand that it was a gift, not a punishment. 

In fact, it’s the best gift you never asked for.

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