Short Poem: Pebble

I am merely a pebble.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

I once was a rock
Full of edges, sides and corners
Capable of doing damage with only little direction or force

I was heavy, full of weight
planted firmly into the carpet of beige sand below me

I was a rock
Too hard to break
Too tough to touch
I was alone

The water surged over me faster than I could realize
Suddenly, I was enveloped by billions of deep blue particles
The pressure was too much, I was suffocating

I screamed for help
But no one heard my cries
It was just us, the ocean and me

The seconds felt like years until
Finally the heaviness lifted

I could breathe again
The waves returned home and I was left unmoved

Because I was a rock
But something felt different

My edges they’re gone
My sides have become one
And my corners where I would hide from the world were now left exposed

I was still embedded in the sand
Which now glistened like gold

It felt warmer and more comfortable than before
I was more one with the ground below me
I wasn’t a rock anymore

Now I am a pebble
I have no sides
I have no corners
I have no edges anymore

Now I am just me
Softened through the storms
Made smooth by the waves

I am merely a pebble
Nothing more, nothing less
Yet, more than enough.

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