Check out Part 1: Silencing the Ego


Think of the ego as a ventriloquist dummy.  Stuff it into a suitcase.

Every time it speaks, just picture it getting muffled by the folding and closing of the suitcase.

Eventually, it gets so quiet, you’re left with nothing but stillness.

Your higher self is ruling both of them, itself and the ego.  

But your ego is like the dummy, always having something smart to say.   Always making a comment to get a few laughs or just to irritate.  

It feeds off any attention and any line that it can use to create an entire skit out of ultimately just making you into a show, just entertaining itself at your expense.

However, once you’re able to recognize it at work and know the difference between what the dummy is saying and what you are, you’re able to step out of the routine.

If it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t align with your essence, then, picture that ventriloquist dummy.

Tear him off your arm and break out that suitcase.

He might creep out every once and awhile.  But, the more you do it, the weaker he becomes.

Eventually, he can’t keep up with your persistence and just lives in that suitcase. 

Until, you get rid of the baggage altogether.


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