Every writer has their own method of madness when it comes to turning their thoughts and ideas into a tangible piece of reading material. 

My own process involves writing random thoughts as they come to me in my iPhone notepad and then forgetting about them.  

I have come to understand that I can be my own worst critic and often times will not even give myself a chance.  I’ve learned to just let the information pour out through my fingertips and trust that I might come to a time to appreciate what I’ve written.

This piece was one that I wrote back in February.  I remember writing it, reading it, and feeling that it was too dense and too deep even for my own understanding at the time.  

Although, looking back now I also realize that it was the mark of an enormous turning point of my mindset. 

The mindset which eventually led us on this journey.  

I feel now, almost nine months later, I have come to a better comprehension and appreciation for this piece.  Furthermore and more importantly, I finally have the courage to actually share it.

Re•al•i•ty: the way things actually are

There is no such thing as reality.  There is only one’s perception of reality. 

My reality is very different from yours and our reality is very different from someone else’s.  Most of us, from a young age, are taught about how the world “works”.  But how can there really be any one way?

We are all taught different things – based on our own ideas that are derived from our own perceptions.  Even people within one family unit that are affected by the same “nature” and “nurture” principles, might be deemed to accept one reality, yet are all really facing their own worlds and own perceptions of how it works. 

This isn’t a black and white understanding, as nothing in this world is –  from my perception – since the things I say here are just my own thoughts and understandings.

Sometimes We Feel Like a Rare Minority

There are likely many people who won’t agree or comprehend what I’m saying.  And that’s completely fine. 

However, there might be some who relate to parts of what I’m saying.  Or even, there might be few that truly understand and feel where I’m coming from.  They are who this is for. 

That doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t welcome to read my piece, but the intent in my writing is not just to evoke or provoke others’ realities.  My intent is to connect with others who might feel the same way.

It’s often times that we might feel like a rare minority that observe the world around us in a way that most don’t.

Sometimes, discovering that someone else might hold your same view points and relate to a thought makes you not only feel connected to another human on a deeper level, but allows you to challenge and reframe your own thinking to ultimately allow some growth to occur.

Potential to Reach Like-Minded People

I, now, understand just how wise and brave the great thinkers of the past were.  For them, speaking out against the ideas that were being drilled and washed into peoples’ brains, took true courage and confidence in what they were saying. 

It took much time for them to be recognized of as thinkers beyond their time as opposed to a bunch of crazies on opiates.

And even so, there are still those that cannot relate or understand them.  So, how could I possibly believe that I might be different or more influential?

I don’t. 

But, I do believe that due to the age that we’re in – where it’s easier to reach audiences around the globe and the population is immeasurable to the quantity in years before – it all comes down to a numbers game. And with those odds, it would be foolish to not even try.

How Does Reality Exist Solely in Our Minds?

So what is it about reality and it only existing in our minds that I was saying?  

Oh yeah…well the main purpose beyond just explaining that concept, is to explain how to live this life understanding it.  Or, at least, how it has affected the way that I live my life.  

I truly believe that once one accepts the principle and the multitude of ideas that stem from that principle, it makes you live life on completely different terms.  Your own terms. 

And, that is a beautiful thing.  

The opportunities that are available to you when you open up your mind are unimaginable.

I’ve always felt some relation to a different understanding.  I’ve always felt a little off from everyone else. I was always very inquisitive, rebellious, passionate, and “marched to the beat of my own drum”, so to speak. 

These qualities could be either very beneficial or very detrimental, depending on the type of reality you’re living. 

For a while, I was caught in between two very different realities.

There was the outside world and then there was my internal world.

A Never-Ending Battle

I had far less the amount of confidence that I needed to truly accept my internal feelings.  Which in turn caused them to become struggles. 

It was a constant wobbly walk across a never-ending tight rope.  Yet, every time I fell, even though the finish point seemed nonexistent, I got right back up and walked it once more.  

Thanks to that persistence and universal nudge towards something greater, I was finally able to at least know that the finish line was there.

Human beings have plenty of physical commonalities, but they are far outweighed by their intangible differences.  Our minds and our thoughts, even down to our vision and how we receive color and light, are all subjective.  

In order to come to a place to make this resource most useful, we must become self-aware.  Self-awareness leads to an understanding of ones’ strengths and weaknesses – on a level where no amount of critique could break you and no amount of praise could inflate you.

Unleash The Power

That is when the true power of accepting your own reality starts to unfold.  Once the reality you once knew begins to unravel, threads of opportunity weave into your life to create a new blanket of understanding.  

This new understanding will give you the courage to push through the doubt, the uncertainty, and instability that needs to be overcome in order to live the fulfilling life you have always wanted.

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