We belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  We’re not meant to be kept in one place.

Our beautiful apartment which we once loved started feeling like a beautiful cage that traps us in one location.  The more we started questioning everything and allowing our thoughts go past the point we would normally let them, we were able to realize how simple the decision was. 

We don’t want to get an apartment or find one particular place to live just because everyone thinks that’s what we should do.  It’s only the thing to do because everyone is doing it, but it makes us feel claustrophobic.

We Want to Discover a New Scenery Everyday

We want to shake up our comforts and feel excitement in the mundane again.  Life is too short to spend it in one place. And if traveling has taught us anything, it’s that you can never see everything. 

Even if you go back to a place you’ve been, every time makes it look and feel different.  You see it with new eyes every time you go because each period of your life makes you notice something that appeals to your current self.

Taking Advantage of the Big World

The world is so big and yet most of us spend our days voluntarily placing ourselves from one cage to another.  From a big comfortable one to our little moving one to another where we’re slaving ourselves just to pay for the other two.  

It’s an irony that could make anyone go crazy eventually.  For us, that time came sooner than later.

We were going nuts and the end of our lease couldn’t have come quicker.  We knew it was the only thing standing between us and freedom. 

And that’s exactly what that first day on the road felt like: freedom.

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