The Sun

Sun is Nature’s Medicine

There is just something so powerful in the sun.  When you let yourself embrace it’s power, it fills you with a renewed sense of freshness and motivation.

During my toughest days at work, I wouldn’t go out to eat, take a walk, or even listen to music. All I would do is go outside and sit in the sun.

I would let my face press up against the hot beams that made my skin tingle with warm pleasure. It feels like burying your face into a load of freshly done laundry.

There’s just something so relaxing and rejuvenating about it all.

When the sun hits my face, I breathe deeper, exhale easier, and my head feels dozens of pounds lighter.

For a second, I forget all of my worries and inner struggles and just bask in the simplicity and the wonder that is the joy of sunshine.

As I close my eyes, I see the fiery orange glow beneath my lids, take a deep, long breath in and just appreciate the moment and nothing else.

It’s Just the Boost That You Need

For those few seconds it’s just us: me and the sun. It’s that equivalence of a perfectly timed word of encouragement from a friend – that “keep going, you got this” attitude.

It’s that moment that makes you realize the trivial nature in the complexities and the majestic beauty in the simplicities of life.

Sun: the most natural thing in the world- the thing that gives us everything we need to survive and continue living, and here it is, in this moment, pretending that it’s sole purpose is to shine on my face and let me know it’ll be okay.

Everything will be okay.

Take the Invitation

For those moments that you don’t know what else to do and you see the sun out, just know that it’s there just for you.

So take the invitation, take a step outside, close your eyes and let it shine down on your face.

Let it tell you that everything will be okay.

Let it energize you and give you the strength to continue on with your day, until tomorrow, when it comes out again.

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