The Beauty of Life

Life is this magical, majestic and intense thing.  Yet, every day we reduce it to something so meaningless.

We do this by continuously allowing ourselves to be put into these boxes by those who realistically are no more equipped to understand the meaning than we are.

Everyday we’re being told: what to wear, what to eat, how to eat, what to watch, who to love and how to love them. We’re told what to do with our lives and how to spend our days.

We Need to Embrace Change

We fall into the trap of doing what we’re doing because it’s what we’ve been doing for so long. We’re terrified of change and of growth.

We hold onto things that make us feel bad and shy away from things that make us feel amazing. We continue to allow others to tell us how to live our lives when no one knows and can tell us how long we’ll be here.

We feel threatened by those different than us and try to make everyone the same. We’re constantly being told who we are by those who think they know us, yet most of them don’t even know themselves.

We find value in possessions and throw away time like it’s infinite. We judge others for how they live, yet can’t make peace with our own decisions.

It’s Time to Tune Out the Noise

All the noise makes us believe life is boring, uneventful, horrible, sad, and drab.  But, life is miraculous and divine.

There doesn’t need to be explanations or divisions or denominations that we need to fall into to appreciate life.  Understanding that those things make no sense is how to really appreciate life.

Understanding that people are strange, wonderful creatures.  Everyone is different and living their own version of life.

We become offended by those that are different than what we’re used to rather than become amazed and filled with an eagerness to learn.

The Power is in Our Hands

We’re all capable to open up our minds and see past the four walls of the world created for us.

How can we truly be offended by someone else’s lifestyle, love choices, or paths when it’s so far removed from anything that pertains to us.

Instead we need to be inspired by those that stand out and do what they want.  We need to be motivated to find that same level of peace and happiness.

We need to work on silencing the noise and allow our inner voices to speak louder.  And finally, we must listen to those voices and be strong enough to follow through.

The Value of Time

Life’s too short to spend 10 hours of your day doing something you hate.  It’s too short to spend a lifetime with people who don’t understand or appreciate you.

Time is our greatest asset and it holds the most value.

We must cherish it and be stingy with it, using it only on those things and people that hold true value in our eyes.

You wouldn’t pay a lot of money for something you don’t consider valuable.  Yet, you spend endless amounts of time on people and things that hold no real value at all.

If we started worshiping our minutes rather than our dollars, then we might find ourselves starting to break out of routine laced with confusion and begin to finally start living.


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